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Wellbeing Update

Kiaora whanau,

The latest advice from the Ministry of Health is that we can expect winter sickness and a potential second wave of covid to work its way through Canterbury over the coming months. For our Kura there are some simple things we can continue to do.

  • If your son is sick,
    please keep them home. This limits the chance of them spreading any
    sickness further in our community.
  • Masks are available for
    all students and can be worn at their own discretion.
  • Practice good hygiene,
    sanitise regularly and wash and dry hands properly.
  • Cough and sneeze into
  • Opening of windows
    slightly is encouraged to ventilate all our spaces.

This has all become second nature to us but it is a good time to remind your son of these points through the colder months.

We continue to see steady numbers of covid cases within our community and will notify you of any changes, should our staff covid numbers increase rapidly.

Stay warm and dry as winter bites and continue to communicate through your son’s mentor teacher if you have any issues or questions.