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What to expect if we have a Covid case….

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you are all well and are enjoying the start of the school year.

Below is the process we would work through in the event of a positive Covid case at St Thomas’.

This could be subject to change but, as of today, this information is up to date.

As you can understand, the biggest challenge for us, is in the speed at which we would need to contact trace our students and their movements throughout the day. This would include break times, toilet breaks, and any extra curricular events they participate in onsite, either before or after school.

When we have identified the case/s at St Thomas’ the process will be as follows;

● The Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Health will notify us of the case

● Our Covid management team will work to support the student and Whanau and then work with the MOE to identify close contacts.

● Once we have confirmed close contacts, parents/caregivers will be contacted via email with information regarding isolation. The current isolation requirements are that they must self-isolate for 10 days under RED phase one or 7 days under RED phase two and three. Information regarding testing and online learning will be provided in the email.

● Staff who are close contacts will also be required to isolate.

In a worst case scenario, where cases become prevalent within our College, we, along with the MOH, will do our best to communicate this as quickly and accurately as possible. Please do not overwhelm our staff through phone, email or otherwise as we seek to get a handle on the situation. This will allow us to concentrate on our effort to best limit the spread.

If, in the event that many of our staff become infected, we will look to put a hybrid learning system in place. Those who are old enough to be at home without a guardian (seniors) would be set their work online and would still have contact with our staff through our TEAMS channels (the same as last year in lockdown). Our junior students would still have access to onsite learning with available teaching staff.

As always we will be governed by the MOH on how much of our school would need to isolate as the situation unfolds.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding through this period. The wellbeing of our students is of top priority, as always.

We will come through this period in the not too distant future, but in the meantime we will be giving our students the best possible opportunities to learn, grow and thrive!

Nga mihi,

Paul Burton

Assistant Principal

Operations & Sport

St Thomas of Canterbury College