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Work Day 2021

Work Day 2021 will be taking place on Wednesday 30th of June. Work Day is a day where students either go out into the workforce or work around home for a day, bringing the proceeds back to school. The money is then used by the School Council for projects of student interest within the College.

Past years has seen the Council purchase many student related things. The latest additions were the shade cover outside the tech room, we bought drinking fountains, sorted the eftpos in tuckshop and many seating and garden projects.

This year we have proposals for the new development of an outdoor recreation and activities area which will include outdoor asphalted courts with things such as basketball hoops to be added. The boys will love this.

Your son will be expected to work for around four or five hours on this day to simulate a full school day. Students are encouraged to be creative in finding jobs and perhaps buddy-up with another person from their mentoring class … more hands make light work! Wash your grandmother’s windows, clean the car, clean your room, find some jobs around the neighbourhood.

These rates are guides (don’t stress out):

Year 7–8 $7 per hour

Year 9–10 $8.50 per hour

Year 11–13 $10 per hour

The aim is for our students to raise as much as we possibly can … as all money goes back to the boys. Talk to your form teacher and give what you can. All money needs to be either handed to your form teacher, to reception or banked into the school account with your name and form class as a reference.

Bank Account for Fees

03 0802 0910911 00 – Please use your son’s name and ‘WORKDAY’ in the reference column.

We look forward to this day and remind you that there are no jobs at school.

Jack Walecki

Student Council Chairman 2021