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Year 10 Authors…..

During the year … 10MA and 10MC have been writing, editing and illustrating their own children’s story books. There were a number of different books, with different themes, problems and messages. These included, superheroes, food escaping a fridge, a pirate captain and a potato-head among the many books.

The boys faced the real pressure test of reading and presenting these books to their target audience at Our Lady of Victories School. Both classes made the quick walk, full of nerves and a bit apprehensive of what was in front of them. To the boys, and my relief, the year one and two students loved the stories and they hung on every word. The OLV students are currently working on their own writing so it was perfectly timed to show them some of the cool and interesting things you can do with writing.

The St Thomas’ boys shared their books with groups of about 4-5 students and this was done a few times so every student got to listen and see every book produced by the boys. For the first few presentations the boys were a little nervous and quiet, but they were soon away and most of the groups really got into it with varied tones, expressions and gestures.

A big thanks must go to Our Lady of Victories for letting us come and read the books to their classes, and also to our boys who all produced outstanding work and really did the school proud and were true role models for the younger students.