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Year 10 History

Over the past few weeks, the Year 10 History Class has been ‘objectively’ learning about the conflict in the Ukraine. The class learnt about the United Nations and the Security Council as well as the history of Russia and Eastern Europe. Each student was then allocated a country on the UN to learn more about. 

This culminated in a mock sitting of the United Nations General Assembly under an ‘Emergency Meeting’ under Resolution 377 ‘Uniting for Peace’. The importance of the resolution was outlined by Antonio Guterres (aka Mr Chan) as only having being used 11 times since 1946. Many resolutions were put forward and discussed at length before being voted upon. The final action by way of majority saw the General Assembly agree on a united front calling for:

“A cessation of hostilities by all sides, A pausing of military aid to Ukraine, An increase in support for the protection and safe transfer of refugees as well as increased support for nations taking on refugees, and an INCREASE in DIPLOMACY for PEACE with a Mediating Team including Pope Francis”

It was a privilege going through this process with the boys and I praise them for their mature approach and response to this current event. 

Image by: Lynley Gibson