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Year 10 Mentoring Breakfast

In May we held our annual Year 10 mentoring breakfast. This breakfast is a part of our Rite Journey programme. The purpose of this is to connect our young men with a mentor, who can support them in their journey this year, and to help them develop a skill or skills with assistance of their mentor.

Our guest speaker, Mark Hammett, spoke around the importance of having a mentor and someone to look to up to. We heard how hard work and determination helped him to achieve his goals and dealing with the ups/downs and pressures of professional sport.

The boys will document their journey over the next five weeks, collecting evidence of them practicing their chosen skill. They will then report back to the class in Week 9, alongside their mentors and other classroom teachers.

Thanks to all those who put work in to make this possible, and all the mentors who gave up their time to support our young men.


The Rite Journey Team