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Year 10 Science

This is just a brief note to let you now that in Year 10 science this year we will be using the Sci Pad workbook with the students. This is to stop the flurry of copied sheets that the boys often lose and then end up with incomplete notes for the year.

This workbook also gives your son access to the online learning tools available for this course. As well, there are virtual reality tools available via a free to download app on his phone.

The cost of the book and online support is $25.

This fee will be added to your son’s account as a donation. While payment cannot be compelled, it is expected as these books are an expense to the college. The books will be used both in class and as homework material. The books are in school and will be issued to students from Week 4 in their science classes.

If there any issues with this, please contact your son’s mentor teacher or Andrew Jones, Leader of Learning Science.

Thank you.