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Year 10 Update

This term has seen our Year 10’s working on the theme Is there something more as part of The Rite Journey program.

The whakatauki linked to the kaupapa is He mahi kai Takata, He mahi kai hōaka – or Good things take time.TERM3WHAKATAUKI.pdf

It was fantastic to see all the mentors come in and watch the boys present as part of the skills project in week 5. Walking around and seeing the engagement as mentors worked with the boys is what this is all about. The workout with The HIIT Squad afterwards and smiles on the faces was also memorable.

On the last day of the term, we are running a significant adult/grandparent breakfast before the boys take part in the annual fun run challenge. Again, this is an opportunity for us to come together and share in the journey of the boys as they move through to the senior school. The link to RSVP is below, please take time to fill this out;

Next term we have the highlight of the year, the Year 10 camp at the Boyle River Lodge. It is expected that all boys attend. If there are any financial issues, please let us know – it is important that we are sharing in these experiences together.