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Year 7/8 STEM

For the first 2 weeks, our focus has been building positive relationships and engaging your son through a range of STEM activities.

It has been great to see Year 7 & 8 students being challenged across a range of activities.

Next week we are providing workshops during class time to build on or revisit ICT skills for STEM. This will help any new students transition into the tools we use for their learning. If you do have any questions or concerns about STEM, please get in touch with your son’s STEM Home Base teacher. This will be easy to identify if you look at your son’s timetable and the highlighted class below.

Year 8

78CON1a: Ms. Billy Gulliver-

78CON1b: Mr. Dean Smith-

78CON1c: Mr. Brad Milne-

Year 7

78CON1d: Mr. Andrew Jones-

78CON1e: Mr. Ben Rapson-