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Year 9 Camp

“The walk killed my legs, they ached the whole way up.”

In March, we traveled by bus to the Bridle Path walk. We hopped off the bus, got sunscreen on and started walking. The walk killed my legs, they ached the whole way up. We were all sweaty and hot once we reached the top and there was a sigh of relief when we got there. We filled up with food and water and then walked down the other side. Once we reached the bottom we traveled by foot to Corsair Bay. We had a mean swim and all the boys swam to the pontoon and popped some bombs, manus, staples and any jump imaginable off the side! A lot of people searched for crabs and one kid managed to find an octopus. After the swim the bus picked us up and dropped us off at camp in Orton Bradley Park. We left the campsite to set up shelters in the bush. Once our shelter was up we headed back for dinner which was burgers. After dinner we played spotlight then went to bed in our shelters.

Jackson Austin

On Day Two of camp we did the water activities. They were great because it was so hot. My group was first for coasteering. This is one of my favourite things to do at camps. We dressed up in wetsuits, lifejackets and helmets and climbed around rocks and jumped into the water. After that we did kayaking and rafting. For rafting my team gassed the other team. Next we got into kayaks and I fell in 4 times but that made it extra fun. After that we did games with our Year 12 Leaders from the Outdoor Education class. We got back to camp and had some free time and played rugby. Then we had nachos for dinner and played spotlight. That night we slept in tents. I woke up to someone snoring and possums screeching!

Louie Gordon

On the last day of camp we did some land activities. The first one was high ropes. I did the flying kiwi. How it works is someone is clipped onto one side of a rope and there are about five people on the other side. These people were called the haul crew. Their job was to pull you as hard as they can and that would send you flying up in the air. I went on that twice. The next activity that we did was abseiling. We had to walk about 20 minutes just to get there and it was so hot. After that we walked back to camp and had lunch which was American hot dogs. They were sooooo good. After we had lunch we packed up and left. The drive back to school was pretty good, it was only 45 minutes.

Benny Ross

Copy and paste the following links into your web browser, to see some of the fun antics the boys got up to on camp! Loads of fun was had by all!