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Year 9 Health Focus – Term 3 and Term 4

Puberty and Sexuality

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Starting this week and heading into Term 4 your son will be covering the curriculum areas of relationships, pubertal change, and sexuality education [RSE]. The Kaupapa of this health stage is to inform and educate ākonga on healthy decisions and healthy behaviours associated with the subjects. The learning concepts and lessons have been developed in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Te Tāhuhu O Te Mātauranga and the Tūturu NZ Health Association. This has included teacher training and development around the topics and intended learning outcomes, advice on cultural compliance and resource support.

This health focus is part of the school’s Junior Kinesiology programme which covers a number of specific health directed topics and comes under school’s requirement to deliver through Education and Training Act (2020) and links to the RSE guidelines. It also reflects strongly to our school’s character and teaching, and learning values that encompass and educated heart and educated mind. This has been done with a strong consultation process involving the Board of Trustees (BOT), Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Leaders of Learning, Teachers, Parents, Caregivers, Whanau and wider community agencies. This will be delivered in a safe and comfortable environment with dignity, cultural awareness, empowerment, and inclusivity upheld. Our staff who will be teaching this have also attended the Catholic Education Office’s sexuality workshop earlier this year.

If you have any questions about the programme of work, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the topic further.

Warm Regards

Chris Leader 

(Leader of Junior Health & Kinesiology)