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Year 9 History

Rome is closer than you think….

Last Friday 20 May, a cold but chatty troop of budding junior classicists travelled by convoy into the centre of Christchurch to explore and study a series of famous landmarks. The purpose of the trip was to understand how and where Rome has influenced the shape, design, and social structures of our very own Garden City. The boys managed to visit key sites like Cunningham [Green]House, The Robert McDougall Art Gallery, The Bridge of Remembrance, The Public Trust Office, and Victoria Square.

The troop concluded their inner-city exhibition by visiting the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities where they were able to engage with artifacts including sacrificial saucers, amphorae (ancient vessels for oils), statues of gods and heroes and even an almost 3,000-year-old, royally minted Macedonian coin from the reign of Alexander the Great, unearthed in modern-day Damascus.

A huge thank you to the travelling teachers, Mr Lafdal and Mr Lange, who got the boys there and back in one piece and brought their own knowledge to enrich the experience for the boys. A special mention to our student teachers, Mr List and Ms Pearson, who also made sure the trip went off without a hitch.

If your son is interested in History and is currently in Year 8, he will have the same opportunity next year to go on this trip, should he choose to take History as one of his option classes for the first semester.