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Year 9 Humanities

Year 9 Humanities

We have focused on developing our written skills, particularly paragraph and essay structure. Our students are taught to structure their paragraphs so that they are able to control the development of their ideas when writing an extended written response. The LEER structure asks students to provide the following:

L – Lead statement

E – Explanation of their lead statement

E – Example to support their idea

R – Relevance of their idea to the question/topic

As the students develop these ideas and create completed essays, we will be turning these in to speeches that will be delivered to our class. Below is an excellent start to Tayler Mutton’s speech on graffiti:

Have you ever seen graffiti and thought “Wow this is really cool, this is art!” Or maybe you think “This is vandalism, the people who did this belong in prison”. My speech this year is on, Should graffiti be considered art or vandalism? Now when I was researching this topic I believed that graffiti was vandalism and that it is wrong, but after digging around a bit I realised there was two sides to this argument…..

Then we begin the delivery of our speeches!