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Year 9 Humanities

New Zealand Land Wars. This class has taken a look at the early settlement of Maori, the influence of the whalers, sealers and traders and later the arrival of the missionaries and the changes that occurred to the Maori people and the land.

We have also taken a brief look at the Treaty of Waitangi and the impact of this founding document.

While the particular focus is on Land wars, our unit of work started with the arrival of the Polynesians and their voyages in their ocean–going canoes (waka). We have contemplated what they may have encountered in the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, in single and double hulls with Outriggers 15 -20m long.

Early Maori were great seafarers and trained navigators, steering their course by the stars and the direction of the sea swells by day. Finally reaching land, overarched by long white clouds gave rise to the name Aotearoa.

Each area in Aotearoa was settled by Maori from different waka. For Maori, their land was sacred and belonged to the iwi (greater community) and not just one whanau (family).

Disputes over land occurred and misunderstandings about land deals between Maori and the new settlers gave rise to disharmony resulting in battles and fighting.

Our Real Assessment Task has been to create a poster highlighting the back-stories of Land wars starting with the initial Pacific journey. Incorporated in the poster is the expectation of two illustrations to support their facts.