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Years 7-10 Pastoral Care

As the weeks rolls on through, it is hard to believe it is already the last term of the year and our senior students have gone on study leave. For our remaining students at Kura the environment will be changing with a smaller number of ākonga present at the College. This can lead to different dynamics, groups and ultimately relationships, where conflict can occur. Our pastoral care system is one of a restorative nature and dealing with conflict in a restorative justice process aligns greatly with our catholic values and special character. Our staff, especially our deans embrace this restorative culture, and it is the basis for our positive relationships between students and staff.

Over the remaining weeks at school, there will be a heightened increase around the one percenters for our students, this includes positive attendance and good time management by our students. Along with this, wearing the school uniform by having the correct shoes, socks, shorts, or pants and wearing blazers and ties if we are Year 9 and 10 and shirt, tie, and soft-shell jackets or woollen jerseys if students are Year 7 and 8. There should be no excuses for wearing hoodies or non-school jackets as the weather warms up. Ultimately, we know that routine and structure for our young men works and paves the way for success in and beyond the classroom.

It is also important to note that the 21st century poses many new challenges and issues in the education system, none being more prevalent than technology, the rise of cell phone usage and social media has given everyone great new experiences and platforms to showcase their life’s but also poses huge amounts of risk associated when not used properly. Again, monitoring your son’s devices, reinforcement of these messages at home and promoting heathy positive online behaviour is much appreciated.

Term 4 poses huge amounts of opportunity for our juniors with education outside the classroom, which is a great platform for building connection, relationships, and leadership with our students. This, along with our restorative care and big push around one percenters, play a significant role in developing our young men.