Nau mai, haere mai, talofa lava, malo e lelei, bula vinaka, kia orana, warm greetings

Nau mai, haere mai, talofa lava, malo e lelei, bula vinaka, kia orana, warm greetings

We welcomed back our World Scholars Cup boys back from Melbourne this week. The boys performed extremely well among top international competition. I would like to acknowledge the work of MR BLAIR SCADDEN and MR HAMISH BARCLAY in helping to prepare our students and give them this amazing opportunity. All of our boys performed creditably especially the following who gained awards at this international academic event:

Junior Challenge – Two Gold Medals, Alex McCorkindale

Junior Challenge – Two Silver Medals, Jackson Bunting

Senior Challenge – One Silver Medal, Louis D’Aloisio

Da Vinci Award

Senior – George Bassett-Smith

Junior – Jackson Austin, Sam Jackson

Junior Honor Medal; Debating

Diego Lavin, Memphis Vaszilyko, Alex McCorkindale

Top Senior Scholar for STC – Quinn Kelliher

Top Junior Scholar for STC – Alex McCorkindale

On the sporting front, our 1st XI continue moving forward throughout the knock out phase of their competition beating STAC 4-1 on Wednesday. They now move onto their final on Wednesday night at Yaldhurst CFA against Burnside High School at 7.30pm. I wish Coaches MR RICHARD WASHINGTON, MR JACOB ALLEN and Captain TOM STEWART and all players the best of luck.

On Wednesday, we performed an excellent lock down drill. The students reacted in the appropriate manner. We hope we never have to use our lock down process but is important to prepare for all emergency likelihood to ensure our students and staff respond in a calm and well planned way.

It is timely to invite our community to remind our students of the key messages they received when we had John Parsons visit and speak to our students and parents around cyber safety. The key to educating our young people is around constant conversations at school and at home. John’s key message was around chin up, shoulders back decision making, ensuring our boys continue to use our values when making decisions that could have dangerous consequences. I have copied the key messages below from my previous newsletter.

The key messages that John expressed started with our role as parents in “anchoring our children to what’s important.” His three steps in keeping young people safe online included;

1. Educating them to understand the value of self

2. Educating them to respect and protect family and friends

3. Educating them to broadcast decency and positive values across the internet.

John used past experiences and stories to expand on these three key messages, including the hidden messages our young people pick up through their first and most important role models, us as parents. This included parents having an active connection with their son’s social media profiles, as well as an interest in the games our boys play online in the same way we would do for a sport or cultural pursuit.

For me personally, his message around our young people being in bedrooms with doors shut on social media and online gaming with access to the world, and all the hidden dangers that are associated with this resonated. His solutions around safe use of devices and the cyber world being based on open discussion and honesty, based on family rules and values, was something that I see could make the world our young people are growing up in a safer place.

John has written a book “Keeping Your Children Safe Online, a Guide for New Zealand Parents.” I thoroughly encourage you to read it, it can be purchased via his website  He also has a Facebook account with lots of valuable tips and advice – search him at John Parsons: S2E.

By Steve Hart