As a team, we work closely with each other to work out the best path for our students.

Leader of Pastoral Care

Richard Washington

Richard has the overall responsibility for the pastoral team. As a team, they work closely with each other to work out the best path for the individual student. In circumstances that require a higher level of intervention, Richard will work with all parties involved whether that be student, teacher, parents and other relevant community affiliates within our restorative framework.

Senior Dean

Paul Burton

Paul Burton is the Senior Dean and works closely with the house deans on all important matters. Paul also helps to facilitate restorative conferences when required.

House Deans

Joyce – Tom Tennent  –

Tom Tennent has pastoral responsibility for all students in Joyce house.


Marlow – Jacob Allen –

Jacob Allen has pastoral responsibility for all students in Marlow house. Jacob is also Junior Curriculum teacher and First XI coach.


Rice – Kieran Coll –

Kieran has pastoral care responsibility for all students in Rice house. Kieran is teaching PE and is one of the sports coordinators. He also coaches rugby and 7s.


McClintock – Andrew Strachan –

Andrew Strachan has pastoral responsibility for all students in McClintock house. Andrew Strachan is a teacher of English.

Year 7 and 8 Pastoral Care

Chris Leader –

Chris has responsibility in the Year 7 and 8 area to support students with behavioural or emotional needs. Chris also works very closely with the house deans.

Head of Learning Support

Dean Smith –

Dean has responsibility for all students who may require extra support around learning needs. At St Thomas’, there is a strong emphasis on the holistic development on our young men and Dean and his team have an overall view of students who may need extra support. They communicate with teachers and parents on a regular basis and assess and monitor students throughout the year.

Head of Middle School

Hamish Barclay –

Hamish has responsibility for for all students in Year 7, 8, 9. The Year 7  Mentor and House Coordinator will be first contact and will liaise with Hamish as required. Hamish coaches rugby, touch, sevens and rugby league at St Thomas’.

Counsellor/Career Guidance

Brian Knopp –

Brian is our guidance counsellor and careers advisor. Brian is there to support boys who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. All meetings are confidential.


Claire Washington –

Teacher in charge of Pasifika

Leuma Gali –

Leuma supports and mentors Pasifika students within the school and wider community. He runs the parent/family meetings and community cultural activities.

Teacher in Charge of Maori

Keri Campbell –

Keri has a role to support Maori students within the school. Keri leads the regular whanau meetings and kaupapa maori events. He coaches volleyball in the school.


If a student/parent/teacher has a concern (behaviour, bullying, conflict, disobedience, grief/loss) and requires extra support, please approach:


Mentor Teacher

House Coordinator

Further discipline required

Mr Washington

Mr Taylor/Mr Knopp – Careers

 Further support required

Mr Knopp

Dean Smith – Learning Support