Senior Leadership

What makes a good school great? The People.
What makes a good school great? The People. He tangata, He tangata, He tangata

“What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”
― Karl A. Menninger

During your son’s intermediate and high school life, he will spend over 8000 hours being educated, mentored and inspired by teachers. Our focus is on recruiting and providing to our parent base the very best educators possible. With the requirements of a 21st Century learning environment and the importance of good supportive role models to develop character, we are proud to be a school that focuses in these areas.

Steve Hart (Principal)

“I have three boys (and one daughter) and I am passionate about boys’ education and sport…for me it is all about character and ensuring that we do our best in turning boys into the right type of man.”

Brendan Biggs (Deputy Principal)

“I love the opportunity for diversity and creativity in education…I am committed to excellence and also giving boys opportunities and pathways that they otherwise may not have had”

Brad Milne (Assistant Principal – Curriculum)

“Innovation, effective collaboration and creative thinkers are what I believe will be strong requirements for our young men to excel when they leave school. My passion lies with providing opportunities for our young men to think beyond what is current and turn dreams into reality through innovative tools and opportunities.”

Hamish Barclay (Assistant Principal – Junior School)

“I am committed to doing my part in supporting the needs of our teachers and students…schools are far more than educational institutes, they provide a sense of belonging and leave an imprint in a young person’s life forever.”

Richard Washington (Assistant Principal – Pastoral)

“Boys will flourish given the right environment where relationships are embedded in an inclusive school culture, their well being is fostered and life long learning habits are established.”

Hamish McCombie (Business Manager)
Stephen Kennedy (Director of Religious Studies)
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