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Social Enterprise Scheme

St Thomas of Canterbury has a great history with Social Enterprise and received the Ministry of Education Excellence Award for Engaging – Atahãpara Award for our Social Enterprise Hub in 2014.

In 2017 we created a company called ‘George’, which is focused on both literacy and numeracy. We have constructed a number of hardware prototypes made from recycled computer parts but now have configured ‘George’, a robust item of hardware. We are also having developed a software package with our partner’s, students from Aranui Primary School who have being providing on-going research and development feedback with respect to literacy and numeracy.

Post product launch, we are anticipating domestic sales but also have a focus on delivering ‘George’ units and software to Samoa where our research indicates there is a need for robust tools to assist with the teaching of both literacy and numeracy skills.

We have in place a series of partnerships with local businesses and have been assisted by Jade Corporation.

We believe our approach, partnership with Aranui Primary School and already realised product/software achievements, make our company nationally unique.

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