Restorative Justice

Restorative conferences seek to answer three key questions.
We are different from many other schools in choosing to have a fully RESTORATIVE JUSTICE culture.

Restorative conferences seek to answer 3 key questions

  • What did you do?
  • Who have you affected or hurt?
  • How are you going to fix it?
“Relationship is the key. It encourages you to think about resolving things rather than bottling up negative thoughts.”

“The restorative philosophy encourages honesty because once the focus is on the incident and not the person, the culture of blame disappears.”

“Restorative justice is one of the best things to have happened at our school because it has helped friends stay together. Friendships have not been destroyed when some actions went too far. The restorative conversation helped friends to front up.”

“A restorative approach requires courage because it’s more difficult to face someone than just brew over the incident. The good thing about the restorative chat is you really understand how the victim feels.”

Restorative Justice helps boys develop their emotional awareness and most importantly their empathy towards others. It gives boys the tools to use language which might normally be foreign to them. This language is going to make a better teenager, a better friend, a better partner and one day a better father!
The STC 60th Jubilee is coming in August 2021!
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