Teaching and Learning

The teaching and learning relationship is a lot like a jigsaw – it works perfectly when every piece of the puzzle is securely in place.
Student (Learner)  <->    Teacher (Mentor)   <->  Family (Whanau)  <->  School

We believe that all of our students have individual needs and pathways for learning. Our staff are committed to releasing the potential of your son and developing them into confident men, well prepared to make significant contributions to whatever part of society that they choose to belong to.

Christchurch < – >  New Zealand  < – > The World

Achievement and excellence are what St Thomas’ is about. Each student is offered a wide range of subjects at junior through senior level. This enables students to tailor their courses for their future pathways in learning. The school forms a close relationship with home and community to ensure our young men are prepared and resilient for learning beyond school.

Polytechnic  <-> University
Workforce   <-> Technology Institutes
Travel  <-> Volunteer work

All students can build a Learning Pathway to suit their own direction and needs. Careful mentoring and guidance is given to every student including a selection of their subjects, monitoring of academic success, assistance with learning options beyond the school environment.

Above all, our school is about learning at whatever pace necessary. We are a professional learning staff ready to adapt to your son’s needs and create the best possible learning environment that will inspire, challenge and motivate.

Coming Events ..... Open Day - Wednesday 19 May, STC 60th Jubilee - August 2021
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