“An educated mind and
an educated heart”
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Learning Leaders

Specialist Classroom teacher

Robbie Lange”..Guiding our young men in their learning at this key stage of their lives is a great privilege for me as a teacher of the College. I am inspired by the way our College targets the holistic development of the learner both inside and outside of the classroom environment…”

Learning Leader of Social Sciences

Yvonne Shields “….the school is small enough to get to know the students well. I like that each student is an individual…..”

Head of Religious Studies

Stephen Kennedy “…I have three sons and hundreds more students who are developing an educated heart and and educated mind. I guide them to be connected, intelligent and sincere members of the global family and faithful, hopeful members of the Catholic Church who participate in social justice and the holy sacraments

Head of Languages

Keri Campbell “…I have really enjoyed being part of the St Thomas family since I started 10 years ago. There is a strong culture that is reinforced by the values of our founder Edmund Rice. This allows the environment that we teach in to be one of inclusivity and integrity….”

Head of Mathematics

Julie Maxwell “…The most special thing to me about St Thomas is that the values embedded in every aspect of school life reflect my own personal values. Firstly, every student is valued, accepted, encouraged to be themselves, and supported in pursuing their goals. Secondly, every student is encouraged to value and accept others, and to believe they can make a positive difference in the world….”

Head of Physical Education

Andrew Auimatagi “…You know it’s a great environment when you look forward to coming to work to teach a great group of boys and work in an environment of forward thinking staff. Discussions actually progress into actions which allows the school to lead the way through 21st century education…”

Head of Arts

Vincent Raj ….”The trick of it is to let the students think they are having fun when in fact they are learning. In my time time here I have been able to work with some of the students who do not get much joy through traditional educational pathways. It remains my privilege to help them have fun and get credits too…”

Head of English

Maureen Gaffaney “…One of the aspects of St Thomas’ that has not changed in the years I have been teaching at the College is the concern and care for students both in school and out of school. This ‘family’ feeling has always been central to the Christian Brothers’ charism and is evident in all Edmund Rice schools. What has changed as we all come to terms with the demands  of 21st Century Learning is the increasing use of technology in the classroom and this is proving to be a fascinating and enlivening challenge to teachers and students alike….”

 Head of Science

Andrew Jones “…”At St Thomas’ we work hard to help our young men be prepared for the future world they will inhabit. In Science this means being able to understand the advances in technology and utilise them but more importantly in a world of ‘alternate facts” to be critical thinkers and have the ability to sort the wheat from the chaff  and use the information that they gain to make knowledge and be part of building a better future.”