“An educated mind and
an educated heart”
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St Thomas’ is committed to providing the best coaches throughout the various sports in order to compete at the highest levels throughout New Zealand. A huge amount of time is put into the success of sport at the College. We are very proud of the staff that we have that give our students the very best in mentoring, support and opportunities at the College.

Head of Rugby

Hamish barclay

Hamish Barclay “….I am driven by the importance rugby has on a character. Rugby teaches our men the importance of developing good mental and physical attributes which ultimately leads to success on and off the field….”



 Head of Football

DSCN7073Richard Washington & Jacob Allen “…Coaching for us is about fostering and developing the talent of the individual. Feedback, hard work, team culture and critical reflection create results.  Building a positive team culture and making sure player welfare is at the forefront allows for individual flair and a lot of fun…..”



 Head of Rowing

row 9Robbie Lange “….Every student has something that they excel in. As a teacher, it is my role to help students find that thing. That is why I love getting involved in extra-curricular activities and seeing young people find their area of excellence……”



 Head of Rugby League

Photo 1Andrew Auimatagi “…My passion for coaching comes from aiding the personal development of individuals as they strive to achieve their goals. As a coach it is my job to help mould players into the best version of themselves they can be, both on and off the field…”