Year 9 Humanities

Year 9 Humanities

Each week we will be sharing what achievement objectives our year 9 students are aiming to complete in their Connected Humanities class. This course is a combination of the English, Social Studies and Religious Education curriculum. The main focus of this term is writing skills which will be taught through the context of CONFLICT.

Week 1

We have been introducing the topic this term by first outlining what conflict is. The House Deans have been in to classes to talk about the Restorative Processes within our school and discussions have been focused on dealing with conflict that arises between classmates and friends. The specific skill we are focusing on for the first few weeks of this term is structuring a paragraph of persuasive writing.

By the end of the week students will have achieved a level one, two or three achievement objective around this skill.

Level One – Students can describe a LEER paragraph and what this structure looks like

Level Two – Students can write a LEER paragraph on a chosen topic

Level Three – Students can write a LEER paragraph using specific detail to strengthen their writing.

Be sure to discuss with your son what a LEER paragraph is and ask to see what level they have achieved this week!

Connected Humanities Teachers

By Robbie Lange

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