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Our People

What makes a good school great? The People.

He tangata, He tangata, He tangata 

What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.

― Karl A. Menninger 

During your son’s intermediate and high school life, he will spend over 8000 hours being educated, mentored, and inspired by teachers. Our focus is on recruiting and providing to our parent base the very best educators possible. With the requirements of a 21st Century learning environment and the importance of good supportive role models to develop character, we are proud to be a school that focuses on these areas. 

Senior Leadership Team

St Thomas of Canterbury College Principal Steve Hart
Steve Hart

“I have three boys (and one daughter) and I am passionate about boys’ education and sport…for me it is all about character and ensuring that we do our best in turning boys into the right type of man.”

St Thomas of Canterbury College DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES Stephen Kennedy
Stephen Kennedy  
Director of Religious Studies

“What unites is clear: like Jesus Christ, we are passionate about people (He aha te mea nui o te ao?  He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata) and we are called to teach, develop and implement the Catholic programme in Christian faith and living. Our Special Character is not simply added on to what would otherwise be a secular state school because it is integral to everything that takes place in the school and provides a climate of hope, inspiration and service for all its members. My role is to guide the community of staff, students and whanau to carry out the Church’s mission to bring people to God through sacraments, prayer, service, right relationships and social justice. I am passionate about boys’ education and their development into manhood.”

St Thomas of Canterbury College Deputy Principal
Brendan Biggs 
Deputy Principal

“I love the opportunity for diversity and creativity in education…I am committed to excellence and also giving boys opportunities and pathways that they otherwise may not have had.”

St Thomas of Canterbury College Assistant Principal
Hamish Barclay
Assistant Principal – Junior School

“I am committed to doing my part in supporting the needs of our teachers and students…schools are far more than educational institutes, they provide a sense of belonging and leave an imprint in a young person’s life forever.”

St Thomas of Canterbury College Assistant Principal
Daniel O’Brien
Assistant Principal – Enhancement and Culture

“Developing young men into well-rounded leaders in our community is our focus. Ensuring they build strong relationships with empathy at the core is the key to Educated Hearts at St Thomas’.”

St Thomas of Canterbury College Assistant Principal
Andrew Auimatagi  
Assistant Principal –  Engagement and Innovation

“ I believe the teacher-student partnership is a key factor in unlocking the potential of our young men both inside and outside of the classroom… Relationships are the foundation as we strive to engage hearts and minds through education”

Paul Burton       
Assistant Principal – Operations & Sport 

“St Thomas’ is a kura that is constantly striving to grow good people with strong ethics. I love the way our staff continue to adapt and foster new ideas in educating the young men in our community”

St Thomas of Canterbury College Teacher Hamish Barclay
Hamish McCombie  
Business Manager 

Schools are dynamic places with many moving parts….. I love working in the engine room surrounded by caring, inspirational people that are focused on doing their part in supporting our wonderful community.” 

Mark Hammett
Director of High Performance & Wellbeing
Director – Graduate Academy of Sport (G.A.S)
Head Coach – 1st XV Rugby

“Developing young men into well-rounded leaders in our community is our focus. Ensuring they build strong relationships with empathy at the core is the key to Educated Hearts at St Thomas’.”

Leaders of Learning

Specialist Classroom Teacher

Robbie Lange “Guiding our young men in their learning at this key stage of their lives is a great privilege for me as a teacher of the College. I am inspired by the way our College targets the holistic development of the learner both inside and outside of the classroom environment.”

Social Sciences

Seye Chan “…At STC, the Social Science Department focuses on educating global citizens to understands how past and present actions and events have and are shaping our world, and how these actions will define our future … teaching these complex relationships between people and the environment, will give our students the tools to be at the forefront of planning a more sustainable future for the well-being of all global citizens.”   


Elizabeth Kennedy  “…It’s so important to learn another language in these modern globally-influenced times. Whether it’s brushing up on a familiar language to cultivate links with your culture or being brave enough to try an unfamiliar language, every student who studies a language at St Thomas’ comes away with a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.”


June Chey “…This is the best place to show love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness to our young men who are the future of our generation.” 

Health and Physical Education 

Tim Muir “…Health and Physical Education isn’t only about providing our young men the opportunity to be physically active, it also challenges them to think critically and provide them skills to live healthy, well-balanced lifestyles. In doing this I believe we set them up for life outside of school and give them every chance of success in wherever their passions take them. The strength of this is creating good characters that are confident in themselves and aren’t afraid of aiming high.”
Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei
Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain


Vincent Raj  “…The trick of it is to let the students think they are having fun when in fact they are learning. In my time here I have been able to work with some of the students who do not get much joy through traditional educational pathways. It remains my privilege to help them have fun and get credits too.”

Performing Arts/Music

Ben Crosson “…My role is to ensure all students get an opportunity to be part of the Performing Arts program here at STC. This subject area serves as a platform to add so much vibrancy and colour to our school culture and wider community. I believe the more our akonga are exposed to the arts, the more confident, creative and enriched their lives become, which ultimately leads to greater success.”


Angela Smith 


Matt Kippenberger

Religious Studies

Tony Mullally


Leader of Pastoral Care  

Dan O’Brien

Dan has the overall responsibility for the pastoral team. As a team, they work closely with each other to work out the best path for the individual student. In circumstances that require a higher level of intervention, Dan will work with all parties involved whether that be student, teacher, parents and other relevant community affiliates within our restorative framework.

Director of Pastoral Care

Katie Stanton

Katie joined us in 2022 to take up this 2IC Pastoral Care – a  lead role in the day-to-day pastoral issues position which incudes leading high level conferences and supporting our deans to lead conferences. A lead role in the day-to-day pastoral issues.

Leader of Health

Paul Burton 

Paul Burton is the Leader of Health. He works closely with the house deans on all important matters.

Y13 Dean 

Angela Smith 

Restorative Justice Leader 

Kieran Coll 

Kieran works alongside the pastoral care team and staff, assisting with the Restorative Justice process within the college. 

House Deans 

JoyceShannon Hurley

Shannon has pastoral responsibility for all students in Joyce house. 

Marlow Chris Leader

Chris has pastoral care responsibility for all students in Marlow house. 

Rice Megan Heather 

Megan has pastoral care responsibility for all students in Rice house. 

McClintockRuihi Kawenga 

Ruihi Kawenga has pastoral responsibility for all students in McClintock house. 

Year 7 and 8 Pastoral Care 

Billy Gulliver 

Billy has responsibility in the Year 7 and 8 area to support students with behavioural or emotional needs. Billy also works very closely with the house deans.

Head of Learning Support 

Dean Smith 

Dean has responsibility for all students who may require extra support around learning needs. At St Thomas’, there is a strong emphasis on the holistic development of our young men and Dean and his team have an overall view of students who may need extra support. They communicate with teachers and parents on a regular basis and assess and monitor students throughout the year. 

Head of Middle School 

Hamish Barclay 

Hamish has responsibility for all students in Year 7, 8, 9. The Year 7 Mentor and House Coordinator will be the first contact and will liaise with Hamish as required.


Maryanne Skidmore 

Maryanne provides support in a confidential setting with individuals, groups and families who are dealing with issues affecting mental health and well-being. 


Patrick McEntyre 


Johnny Leo’o

Johnny provides leadership and pastoral care to Pasifika students.

Leuma Gali –

Leuma supports Pasifika students within the school and wider community. He is involved in many community cultural activities. 

Māori Student Academic Achievement (Marcelle on Study Leave in 2023)

Marcelle Leo’o mleo’

Teacher in Charge of Māori Student Mentoring 

Ruihi Kawenga 


Order of contact:

Mentor Teacher

House Coordinator


Further discipline required

Mr Dan O’Brien

Further support required

Dean Smith – Learning Support

Staff Contacts

13BB: Brendan Biggs

13KL: Karim Lafdal

13KM: Kathryn Morgan

13SM: Angela Smith

Joyce House (Red)

Dean: Shannon Hurley

JOAA: Andrew Auimatagi

JOBL: Bernie Lee

JOBR: Ben Rapson

JODM: Daniel Meng

JODR: Dan Ryan

JOMK: Matt Kippenberger

JORL: Robbie Lange

JOSR: Shane Reddy

JOTT: Tom Tennent

Marlow House (Yellow)

Dean: Chris Leader

MABC: Ben Crosson

MABG: Billy Gulliver

MAJL: Johnny Leo’o

MAKS: Katie Stanton

MAMY: Jack Mayo

MASE: Daniel Seelen

MASK: Stephen Kennedy

MASS: Sai Saukuru

MAVR: Vincent Raj

McClintock House (Green)

Dean: Ruihi Kawenga

MCBS: Blair Scadden

MCCL: Kieran Coll

MCDH: David Hooper

MCJC: June Chey

MCJQ: Judeena Quinn

MCMS: Maryanne Skidmore

MCPB: Paul Burton

MCSC: SeYe Chan

MCPM: Phil McKendry

Rice House (Black)

Dean: Megan Heather

RIAB: Aidan Baker

RIAS: Andrew Strachan

RIDS: Dean Smith

RIEK: Elizabeth Kennedy

RIHB: Hamish Barclay

RIJT: Jamie Thompson

RILI: Jim Li

RIMU: Tony Mullally

RITM: Tim Muir


Support Staff – Admin 

Reception – Lynley Gibson

Principal’s PA – Jo Fitzgerald

Accounts (Bursar) – Jackie Redmond

Uniforms – Ngaire Lester

Attendance – Christina Telea

Support Staff – Learning Support

Learning Support TA – Narelle Ferguson

Learning Support TA – Chris Cranefield

Learning Support TA  – Des Kaisami

Learning Support TA – Robina Jorgensen –

Learning Support TA/Science Lab Technician – Julia Winton

Support Staff – Sports

Head of Sport – Andrew Cavill

Sports Coordinator – Daniel Kahura

Sports Coordinator – Joe Hammond

Sports Coordinator – Andrew Cavill

Sports Coordinator – Anton Smail


Careers Liaison – Jackie Redmond –

Student Leaders

College Captain

Louie Gordon

Deputy College Captain and ER Inclusive Community

Noah Harmer-Campbell

Deputy College Captain and ER Gospel Spirituality

Moni Avia


Kaya Wiparata

Pasifika Leader

Tino Leuta

Filipino Leader

Kyan Verbo
Rice House Leader

Elliott Price

McClintock House Leader

Hugo Gonzalez Garcia

Marlow House Leader

Finn Clark

Joyce House Leader

Jackson Bunting 

ER Justice and Solidarity Leader

Samuel Pritchard 

ER Liberating Education Leader

Will Hodgson

Culture Leader

Litala Fofoa  

Sports leader

Noah Johnson

Student Council Chairman

Callaghan Jones

St Thomas school values its staff and aims to appoint leading educators and experienced practitioners to teaching and non-teaching roles.