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Canterbury Tales 2018

By 9th December 2018No Comments

2018 has rolled over and left behind a myriad of adventures had by all over the year. It is humbling to create and compile all these articles, videos and pictures from the staff and boys as it shows the passion, effort and hard work by all over the year. It is also tiring to see how much occurs and this is just what I was able to glean from the many platforms that you receive information these days.

It is cliched to say that there is so much that happens at a school over a year and I am sure this is the case for every school in the country. But here in this “alive” document you will experience a taste of 2018 at St Thomas. I say “alive” because as you play the videos the boys will always be 16 or 17 and cheering at that game, being off key in the House song or competing for their school. “Alive” because I am able to input the actual speeches, as said, by staff and students, to let you experience the actual sounds and passion.  They are not static on a page but real in the moment.

Enjoy the 2018 Canterbury Tales and we look forward to doing it all again with some new punters in 2019.

Cheers … Brendan Biggs (Biggsie)

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